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Providing compassionate, engaging and non-judgmental guidance for teens, young adults, and their families.


Brendan Owens

Having dealt with my own struggles regarding “failure to launch”, stuttering, and undiagnosed ADHD, I have a particular passion for serving “atypical” young people and their parents.  If questions about neuro-diversity have arisen in your life, we can explore what that means and the many strategies, options and resources available, regardless of diagnosis or level of neuro-diversity. 


After earning a Master's in Counseling in 2010, my work experience has been primarily with non-profit organizations providing a wide range of low-cost mental health services. In private practice since 2019, I offer compassionate, engaging and non-judgmental guidance to teens, young adults, and their parents.  If working together is a good fit, we will examine thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, understand what is or isn't working, and take steps to shift to healthier habits.


Outside of private practice, I enjoy hanging out with my family, taking pics of my dog, all things outdoors and all things FOOD!

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